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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Data Files:

Complete 1991 U.S. Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) - 12,761 job descriptions, titles, & codes + including minor additions in 1998

Alternate military and civilian titles (more than 36,000)

Worker characteristics information for all 12,761 DOT occupations (including updates): Strength, Physical Demands, Working/Environmental Conditions, Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP), General Educational Development for

Occupational Group Arrangement (OGA)

Data-People-Things (DPT) - Worker Functions

Reasoning-Math-Language (RML), Aptitudes, Temperaments, Date of Last DOT Update

Cross references to all North American occupational classifications, including:

  • DOT Industry Classification (DIC)
  • Guide for Occupational Exploration (GOE)
  • Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)
  • CENSUS Occupations
  • Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)
  • Occupational Employment Survey
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • WORK fields
  • Material, Product, Subject Matter & Services (MPSMS)
  • Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  • O*NET Codes


New, emerging occupations (original research) reported in same DOT format (Job Browser Pro only)

Skills and competency information for white collar occupations (original research) + Skill Checklists for blue collar occupations

Long term national job outlook (OES) by NAICS industry

Wage and employment data (by CENSUS Current Population Survey) for Men only, Women only, or both combined

Wage and Employment Numbers data by National, Statewide, Regional (by the SOC-based Occupational Employment Survey - OES codes)

Complete occupational reference text from the Occupational Outlook Handbook (including photos)

Optional Internet Updates for fresh data files and program features

(Internet Update Service included with each new license for first 12 months)

Keeps you up-to-date with the latest available data files:

February (annually):  Current Population Survey (CPS) Data

May (annually):  Occupational Employment Survey (OES)

December (odd years):  Long Term Occupation/Employment Projections

Top Jobs

Summer (even years):  Occupational Outlook Handbook

Special Features:

Button for narrowing selected titles from any search method to only Sedentary & Light occupations (Job Browser Pro)

Worker Trait Search (OccuBrowse, OccuBrowse +, OASYS)

Click a list of matching titles to re-sort the list by that column (e.g. DOT Code, DOT Master Title, DOT Industry, SVP, Strength, RML, or O*NET

Fully integrated, editable Job Analysis & Position Description writing

Search 17 different ways

New methodology to better estimate DOT employment numbers (Job Browser Pro) - Click here for a technical discussion about the methodology.

Context sensitive help with extensive suggestions for use of the software in various situations (Rehab, School-To-Work, Career Planning, Job Analysis).

Help file includes frequency distribution tables for all DOT worker characteristics and PDF version of the popular Pocket Guide to the DOT. (Job Browser Pro)

No manual needed - easy to use by both case managers and clients

Point and click for information

Keyboard controls for "no-mouse" navigation

Specially designed to work with text-to-speech screen readers (such as JAWS)

Print out or copy & paste into other Windows applications

Print list of matching titles to printer or to an HTML file

Hyperlinks to O*NET Online and Sources of Additional Information

Matching titles show DOT, Strength, SVP, RML, and O*NET codes

Any list of matching titles is pre-sorted by Industry, Strength, and Title

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or 8 (Home or Pro), Vista, or XP

375 MB hard disk space for stand-alone use

512 MB RAM minimum (recommended)

VGA color monitor - 800 x 600 resolution -256+ colors

Pentium or equivalent CPU

Optional printer

Distribution on CD-ROM - also available via Remote Installation Service

Updates -Optional Internet Update Service requires customer supplied and maintained Internet access

Ask about availability for multi-user and network environments

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