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SkillTRAN Solutions

SkillTRAN Solutions: PC Products and Web-Based Services

SkillTRAN software solutions are available as Windows PC-based (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11) products and via Web-based Services (accessible from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android browsers). Windows 10 S PC-product users should upgrade to full Windows 10 Home or Pro. Web-based services are available 24 x 7. SkillTRAN Solutions deliver an affordable, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution to your diverse needs for occupational information, transferable skills analysis, and localized labor market information. Which products/services fit your needs best often depends on the volume of vocational issues you encounter and the setting in which you must have this information available. If you need frequent access to various kinds of vocational information or do not always have reliable internet access (such as in a court room setting), examine our PC product line. Less frequent users may want to start out using our Web-based services. Many of our customers use a mix of our products.

SkillTRAN products are designed to work together to serve a variety of your vocational information needs. There is some overlap among the products, but the products are designed to address different aspects of vocational counseling, and in different settings. See the differences using these comparison charts for PC-Based Products and for Internet-Based Services. Some basic product differences:
     OccuBrowse - Starter Level - All DOT and worker characterisitics, Worker Trait Search and limited OES Group Employment/Wage Data
     Job Browser ProIntermediate Level - OccuBrowse plus extensive Labor Market Data, including the Industry Analyzer and SkillTRAN Industry Context method to estimate employment at the DOT level.
     OASYS Web - Expert Level - Job Browser Pro features plus unlimited Transferable Skills Searches, storage of basic client data, work history, and residual capacity profile.

SkillTRAN Solutions are deployed in a diverse range of settings. Learn how our products are used by our customers in different industry settings.

Primary Features of SkillTRAN Products/Services

Product FeatureJob Browser ProOASYSOccuBrowseOccuBrowse+
only via (CareerScope)
Web Based
Occupational Information:          
   Complete DOT   X  X  X  X  X
      All Worker Traits / SCO  X  X  X  X  X
      Cross-References to other Code Systems   X  X  X  X  X
   O*NET  X + Link  Embedded  X  Embedded  X + Link
   Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS) X X     X
   Utility to display user-preferred columns of data  Web Only X   X X
Labor Market Information:           
   Wages - National / State / Local by OES Group  X  X  X  X  X
   Employment Numbers by OES/Census Group   X  X  X  X  X
   Job Numbers Estimated at the DOT Level   X        X
   Schools Information    X    X  X
   Career Videos (Web-based only)  Web-based Web-Based   Web-Based  X
   Long Term Employment Projections (National, State, Sub-State)  National Only (PC)   X    X  National Only
   Industry Analyzer   Web-Based  Web-Based    Web-Based  X
   Real Job Openings (Multiple popular sources)  Link   Links    Links  Links
   Ability to define user-preferred display columns and report formats   X   X  X
Search Strategies:          
Single Occupation Lookup [by Keyword(s)/Description/Civilian/Military] X  X  X  X  X
Show all Occupations in a Single Code Group   X   X  X  X  X
Worker Trait Search Web-Based   X  X  X  X
Transferable Skills Service (TSS)   Limited  Full  Mini  Mini  Full-OASYS Web
Pre-Injury/Post-Injury Search    X     X
Interest-Based Search (GOE code) X X  X  X  X
Interest-Based Search (RIASEC codes) X X   X  X
Industry-Based Search (NAICS)   X   X  
Career Pathways Search   X   X  X
Occupational Aptitude Patterns (OAP)   PC-Only   PC-Only  


All of our customers are very special to us.  We stay alert for new data releases from the government and integrate them into the products so you don't have to do that.  We add new features in our products from time to time.  We are known for our customer support, which includes great documentation within each product and at this web site.  We have real people to answer your questions and we can even reach out with our special internet support tools to best examine any issues on your PC and quickly fix them.  Learn about our support here.