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SkillTRAN Customers

SkillTRAN customers number nearly 5,000.  Many have used our job matching/transferable skills software and internet solutions since our beginnings in the early 1980's.  We value their loyalty and continuing accolades for meeting various market needs for so long!  SkillTRAN tools help our customers to help get people back to work faster, assess and plan better, build opinions based on a wide range of documented data, and improve their overall service quality. 

SkillTRAN customers primarily use our tools and service for:

Assessment and Vocational Analysis

  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Adjudication Support
  • Expert Testimony
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Litigation
  • Job Analysis - Workers Compensation, LTD, ADA

Vocational Planning

  • Vocational Goal Selection based on Skills, Interest, OJT and Feasibility
  • Career Counseling / Occupational Exploration
  • Identify Training Facilities (anywhere in the country)


  • LMS
  • Job Search
  • Job Development
  • Job Banking

SkillTRAN customers count on SkillTRAN for:

  • Ongoing support (by phone, fax, email, and internet)
  • Reliable software and services
  • Software and services that are easy to learn, use, and explain
  • Comprehensive and defensible reports and process that is fully disclosed and widely used in the rehabilitation industry
  • Cost-Effective PC software and internet-based solutions that correspond to a customer's caseload size and specific needs
  • Innovation and constant vigilance to new market needs and changes


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B. E.
The products are relevant, current and easy to use; and the customer service and level of support provided by SkillTran is top notch!