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OASYS is best known for its transferability of skills process, but it has many other uses. It is an incredibly powerful tool for professionals who must make intensive use of occupational data in the delivery of their services.

Whether conducting transferable skills analysis, building career ladders, developing pre/post studies, testing hypotheticals, or just browsing its occupational database, OASYS is the choice for discerning professionals.

Transferable Skills Analysis

People acquire skills and abilities that they take with them from job to job. OASYS captures the skills and abilities learned from past employment, then summarizes them to form a work history profile. The profile is then modified to reflect the worker’s current abilities. Applying transferable skills analysis rules, the resulting list of occupations can then be used to match to potential job titles, actual vacancies, employers likely to hire, or used to support vocational expert court testimony.

OASYS adheres to the operational definition of TSA contained in the US Code of Federal Regulations. It reports occupations by decreasing levels of transferability, ranging from closest matches to occupations your client has the potential to perform.

Assess Employability in a Specific Labor Market

OASYS contains Labor Market Employability Assessment (LMEA) functions. LMEA enables a user to perform pre- and post-onset employability studies. Results can be printed or exported to a word processor or Excel® for additional processing.

Examine and Test Hypotheticals

OASYS can be used to create a list of occupations containing selected characteristics. For example, a list of occupations rated at an SVP of 3 and occasionally requiring fingering. Almost any combination of descriptors can be used to test hypotheticals, or what-ifs.

Develop Career Paths

OASYS can help your client establish a career goal, then construct a list of occupations that lead to achieving the goal via training and/or work experience.

Locate Suitable Training Programs, Open Jobs on the Internet, or Potential Employers

In addition to its many crosswalks and several Open Jobs web crawlers OASYS generates a list of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) titles and codes for most occupations. North American Industry Classification Codes (NAICS) are also available. These can be used with local SIC/NAICS-coded industry lists to locate sources for labor market survey work, or potential employers likely to employ workers in specified occupations. Optionally, SkillTRAN can supply a list of potential employer names and addresses within a specified geographical area.

Browse the OASYS Information Database

Access to information useful for decision-making has never been easier. Occupational information can be accessed by entering key words, by way of occupational group drill-down processes (O*NET, Work Fields, GOE, Industry, etc.), or military occupations. These tools make it easy to find any occupation and information related to it.

  • O*NET and DOT Occupational Tasks
  • Performance Demands and Descriptors
  • US, State & Local Employment and Wage
  • Occupational Outlook Projections
  • Link to Job Openings
  • Link to the Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Schools that Train for an Occupation
  • Potential Employers (optional at extra cost)


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