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Web-Based Services

We now offer two kinds of Web-Based Services: Pay-as-you-go and Annual Subscription.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go: Designed for occasional users of occupational and labor market information, online services are a great way to "dip your toes in the water" to generate some super reports on a fee-per-report basis. Pricing is reasonable. Do-it-yourself services are available 24 x 7. No charge for re-run of the same type of report. As your business needs grow, expand your repertoire of tools by investing in our great line of PC or web-based software.
  2. Annual Subscription: Launched for those who need frequent access to occupational and labor market information and some slick Worker Trait Searches for handling hypotheticals and other inquiries, OccuBrowse Web and OASYS Web are now available for easy access from any internet browser device and all popular operating systems, including Window, Mac, iOS, and Android. Click here for full details. 

SOS - SkillTRAN Online Services ...Available NOW !!!

SkillTRAN is delighted to continue to offer the most powerful suite of web-based products ever assembled for rehabilitation, forensic, and career professionals. These are time-tested, integrated, defensible, and sensible reports, like none other. SkillTRAN's model of transferable skills analysis pioneered the "Classic Model" of transferability, using the Social Security definition of skills transferability (WORK fields and MPSMS codes). The Social Security definition in the Code of Federal Regulations - 20 CFR 404.1568(d) is the only legal definition of skills transfer known to SkillTRAN. Many SkillTRAN data files are regularly rebuilt for fresh labor market information. 

SkillTRAN has secure online and web-based services for Transferable Skills Analysis, Pre-Injury/Post-Injury Analysis, Career Exploration, Labor Market Information, Employer Listings, and Real Job Openings. Products differ by intended users of the product (both data entry and report interpretation).

  • For rehabilitation personnel and forensic vocational experts, TSS, OASYS Web and PREPOST are the products of choice
  • For Career Guidance, Outplacement, Career Planning, and Divorce Cases, use CCS (for non-disabled clientele)
  • For all types of clients, use the web-based services for Labor Market Information and Job Search
  • All occupations found in the TSS. OASYSWeb and PREPOST services tie to additional Labor Market Information. You can also enter additional titles to the new web-based service.

SkillTRAN Online Services are available 24 x 7. You control all the data entry and the report preparation. At the conclusion of each online session, the report is available to download immediately in HTML, PDF, or DOCX format. Detailed labor market information (LMI) and Real Job Opening reports can be securely printed directly from SkillTRAN or saved as a file on your local computer. You can print the downloaded report or import it into your favorite word processor to modify as you need.

The accounting system is online as well. Invoices are emailed to the designated billing contact within one business day so that you can initiate billing on your end. There is only one case per invoice, so your billing process is simplified. You can run multiple search profiles and scenarios for a case and re-run many case services at no additional charge.

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