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Billing & Payment Procedures

This document describes the procedures for billing and payment of transaction fees accrued by the customer while using SkillTRAN Online Services ("SOS").


Each customer has a unique user name and password(s). When the customer uses SOS, transaction fees accrue as agreed by the customer. Within one business day, an invoice will be emailed to the same report address or to the designated branch office or headquarters billing contact email address.


After the conclusion of an SOS session in which charges have accrued, an online invoice will be emailed to the customer within one business day at either the email address on file or to the account billing contact email address. Terms are NET 15 days. Any questions about invoice(s) should be directed to SkillTRAN at 1-800-827-2182.

NOTE: The CaseID field on the invoice contains the heading entered by the case manager during the online session. Case managers should be encouraged to enter the client's name or an internal case tracking number to improve your ability to bill out the session cost to your referrral source.

Re-Runs of a Case

To re-run the same TSS or PREPOST service on a case, go ahead and re-run the case. Agree to the payment questions (if asked at all). Call or email SkillTRAN if you receive another invoice. Let us know your account name and the case name or ID number and service you are re-running. We will adjust the billing of the re-run so that you are not billed twice for the additional TSS or PREPOST report on the same client. We can adjust this later as well, but you must let us know!

Statements and Online Account Review

Periodic statements are emailed to the account default email address or can be requested from SkillTRAN at any time.

Online Account Review. At your option, you can also review your invoices and account history online at NetSuite, SkillTRAN's accounting service. This free optional feature will require you to enter the account email address assigned for billing and your accounting password. All interaction between you and the accounting system is encrypted, so you can securely review your account history, print transactions and invoices.

Contact SkillTRAN to enable access to your account on our NetSuite accounting system.


Payments can be made by check or major credit card and submitted to SkillTRAN LLC by mail, fax or phone call to 800-827-2182 - Option 3 - Accounting. Terms are Net 15 days. Past due payments are subject to finance charges at one (1%) percent per month.

Payments should be mailed to:

SkillTRAN LLC· 3910 S. Union Court ·  Spokane, WA  99206-6345

Please include your account name and invoice number(s) for which payment is to be credited. Unless specified, payments will be applied to the oldest invoices first.

To make a secure web-based payment:  Pay SkillTRAN Invoice 

Passwords & Security

Passwords safeguard the security of your account information and enable SOS sessions that incur transaction fees. The customer is responsible for the security of its password(s) and accepts responsibility for payment of transactions incurred using the password(s). SkillTRAN will re-issue password(s) at the customer's request without charge. SkillTRAN highly recommends that the customer request new password(s) when the customer's staff changes.


SkillTRAN requires your email address information for delivery of invoices and product-related announcements. Accounting information is kept on SkillTRAN's own servers and on a highly secure third party system (NetSuite). Neither SkillTRAN nor NetSuite will release any of this information to other parties for any purpose. From time to time, SkillTRAN will email information to the customer about changes in SkillTRAN services and/or new SkillTRAN products. Your email address will not be shared with other parties. Reports are delivered to the subscribing customer via secure, logged-in request and secure download direct to the logged-in customer's computer. Report data is encrypted prior being stored at SkillTRAN. Customer's prior reports are available for later retrieval in a variety of formats (DOCx, HTML, PDF, XLSx) only through customer login to SkillTRAN services.