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Case Preparation Guide

Case Preparation Guide (PDF)

The SkillTRAN Case Preparation Guide is fundamental to SkillTRAN Online Services. It can also be helpful to consolidate information for use in the OASYS and OASYS/Job Match systems. It serves as a single focal point to consolidate all of the information needed for case processing. Customers will achieve greater efficiency when this form has been completed before beginning the online session.

Print out a copy of this 2 page guide. Complete the form. You will not have to fill in every single section. Simply completing the form will draw focus to the areas that should be considered prior to running the case online.

Visit the Common Case Situations area of this site for specific suggestions on how to handle difficult case situations. The topics will suggest ways to adjust existing DOT factors to help tease out some ambiguous situations. This area of the site addresses recommended adjustments to the worker's profile.

Detail for all definitions of the various worker characteristics are contained in specific apppropriate chapters of the 1991 Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs (RHAJ).  The electronic Pocket Guide to the DOT Worker Characteristics helps to build an understanding of the impact of choosing certain rating values.

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