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Recent Changes in Web-Based Products - 5/16/2022

Major Improvements - Since March 2021

Major Web-based Product Changes - Job Browser Pro Web & OASYS Web

  • Multiple system tweaks to improve web-based services, particularly for mobile/tablet/smaller screen devices
  • New RIASEC/SVP Search for Career Exploration by Interest code
  • Easy, one button click to see all the newest Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS) 2021 data (Based on SOC 2018) plus display of final first wave data 2018 (when available). Plus links to learn more about the ORS effort
  • New “Quick View” button in Job Browser Pro Web and OASYSWeb job description tab, with printable 1 page summary of Description, Requirements, and Job Numbers (at the OES and DOT levels)
  • NEW! Special DOT Estimate Report for occupations found using the Worker Trait Search – Use this new feature to run your common hypotheticals to identify job numbers for the most likely DOT codes:     WATCH THE VIDEO (7 minutes)            SAMPLE REPORT
  • Improvements to Industry Analyzer:
    - County Business Patterns for 2019
    - Display/Search of Products/Services within a NAICS; Find NAICS for a specific product/service
    - Fresh Current Employment Statistics (CES) data – showing continued decline in industry unemployment (down to 3.6% for April 2022)
    - Restrict the CES graph to a particular time segment – such as 2019-2022 rather than the default 1990-2021 time frame to study industry employment during COVID
  • User Analytics – Statistics showing your typical paths through SkillTRAN web-based services
  • Updated Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) for May, 2021, released March 31, 2022
  • Updated 2020-2030 Long Term Employment Projections by SOC and NAICS Industry


  • SOC2018 coding to DOT with multiple SOCs per some DOT codes
  • Employment Projections 2019-2029 (Based on SOC 2018 and some special "hybrid" OES occupations)
  • Continued refinement of the DOT-NAICS cross-references (and conversion to SOC 2018), including elimination of all double counting and full migration to OEWS - SOC 2018 coding
  • 2021 Census-based employment data using new Census 2018 coding system
  • Full-Time and Part-Time percentages based on ACS PUMS for 2019, with average weekly hours and ± one standard error range per detailed Census 2018 group - anticipated rebuld Fall, 2022

New Documentation Available

2022 - Upcoming Goals and Priorities

Major Product Efforts

  • Continued Updates to the Job Browser Pro PC sotware - Sept 2022
  • Additional data updates as available - OEWS / Employment Projections / PUMS / CBP / CES / Census
  • Continued refinement of the special DOT-NAICS crosswalk
  • Additional advancements in PREPOST Report types 
  • Total rebuild of the PC-based products (deferred to 2023)

 Additional Documentation

  • Continuing public commentary on government plans for the ORS and others
  • Identifying a proper statistical solution for integrating ORS data with OEWS data with multiple factors
  • Continuing review and commentary on recent court cases
  • Building more video clips for in-product and video-based training
  • Continuing in-person conference presences and webinar/conference presentations
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