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Checklist for Common SSA Hypotheticals

The late Jim Earhart, a prolific Vocational Expert for the Social Security Administration (SSA) and an enthusiatic sales rep for Vertek OIS and SkillTRAN LLC, prepared a re-usable checklist that he found very useful to prepare for and more easily respond to hypotheticals posed by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in SSA appeal hearings for disability benefits. With Jim's permission and blessing, we modified his form a little bit, but the intended use remains the same under the current guidelines governing SSA hearings.

Click here to download this PDF document: Checklist for Common SSA Hypotheticals

Print this out. Have it laminated at a local office supplies store.

Use a "Dry Erase" marker. After case completion, use a tissue to easily wipe away the hypo conditions of the former case.
Then re-use the cleaned, laminated form for the next case!


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