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Acceptable Electronic Representation of the DOT

The Social Security Administration (SSA) accepts OccuBrowse, OASYS, and Job Browser Pro as suitable electronic representations of the 1991 Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). In a 2009 memo, it is clearly stated that "All of the above references contain DOT occupational information developed by the Department of Labor (DOL), meet the requirements of Social Security Ruling 00-4p, and are acceptable sources of occupational information for adjudicating disablity cases." (Reminders, Page 2)

SSA cannot and does not endorse any commercial products. In the memo, OccuBrowse and OASYS were owned at that time by Vertek OIS, Inc. SkillTRAN acquired all of the assets of Vertek in September 2010. 

SSA makes extensive use of these products in various departments within SSA. The SSA Digital Libary tells us that these three software products are among the top 5 most utilized products in the entire agency.

The full 2009 memo is available here in PDF format.

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