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Changes to the DOT

The following is a summary of many of the changes made to the DOT since its printed release in 1991. Click the links to see each document.

These changes are incorporated into all SkillTRAN products (except the classic TSA and the classic PRE-POST services, which does not have the 21 new DOT Occupations added in 1998).

SkillTRAN LLC acquired the assets of VERTEK OIS, Inc. in September, 2010. VERTEK maintained excellent documentation of its correspondence with DOL concerning the 1991 DOT.


Correspondence Between VERTEK OIS, Inc. and the US Department of Labor



August 5, 1992

August 26, 1992

August-October, 1992



February 17, 1994

February 23, 1994



July 28, 1998 - 21 New DOT Occupations Added [and Accepted by SSA]

December 4, 1998


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