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SOS - SkillTRAN Online Services Agreement

This document describes the agreement between you and SkillTRAN, LLC for the delivery of online, web-based services. Submission of any SkillTRAN Online Sign Up form indicates that you have read and agree to the terms of this agreement. This agreement may be amended from time to time by SkillTRAN.

SkillTRAN operates and maintains online, web-based services for the processing of information submitted by the customer. SkillTRAN Online Services ("SOS") are generally available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, except for periods of scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs. SkillTRAN will exercise reasonable care to adhere to this schedule.

Access. Customer's access to SOS is via the internet using secure methods of communications. Customer is responsible for obtaining a reliable Internet Service Provider for internet access. SkillTRAN will verify/allow a unique user name and password(s) for access to SOS. Customer's access to SOS and submission of case information indicates customer's desire to process case information to obtain information and/or a report from SkillTRAN. During interaction with SOS, customer will be notified if a transaction fee will be charged to continue. Customer's electronic affirmation indicates an agreement to timely pay the transaction fee(s) so affirmed. Terms of payment are Net 15 days. Transaction fees may be changed with prior notice by email or other electronic posting. Most web services have no additional transaction fees. Additional fee services can be disallowed for an account by contacting SkillTRAN.

Invoices. Except for prepaid/subscription services, after the conclusion of an SOS session in which additional charges have accrued, an invoice for such provided services will be emailed to the customer email address on file or to the account default email address. Statements may be emailed to the account default email address or can be requested from SkillTRAN during SkillTRAN regular business hours. Any discounts are shown on invoices rather than during the SOS session.

Reruns. SkillTRAN understands that sometimes available case information changes or it otherwise becomes necessary to re-run a service for a previously invoiced case.  Users of the new web-based TSS service (and PRE-POST) do not need to notify SkillTRAN about the rerunning of a prior case. If a second invoice is otherwise prepared, the customer should call or email SkillTRAN to request an adjustment to their account.

When available, employer listing reports on re-run generate a new set of random selections, so these reports are charged when re-run.

Disputes. Customer agrees to promptly notify SkillTRAN of any error in the invoice. SkillTRAN's intent is to charge a single fee per case for certain kinds of services. It is the customer's responsibility to notify SkillTRAN of any duplicate billing and to request adjustment. For other disputes, including any collections actions required, customer consents to the jurisdiction by the Courts of the State of Washington for resolution of such disputes.

Payments. Payments can be made by check or major credit card and submitted to SkillTRAN by surface mail or phone call to SkillTRAN. Terms are NET 15 days. Past due payments are subject to finance charges at one (1%) percent per month. SkillTRAN does NOT recommend sending of credit card information via non-secure email. 

Proprietary Rights. Customer acknowledges the exclusive proprietary, trademark, any patent rights and copyright notices of the SkillTRAN Online Services and its data suppliers. Customer agrees to use employer listings and vocational reports as part of the work-related services directly provided by the customer to its clients and referral sources.

Security. Customer agrees to safeguard the security of its passwords and accept responsibility for payment of transactions incurred using the password(s). For certain services and/or subscriptions, customer may be able to change password following the available SkillTRAN procedure. SkillTRAN will re-issue password(s) at customer's request without charge. SkillTRAN highly recommends that the customer request new password(s) when the customer's staff changes. SkillTRAN will use reasonable care to assure the protection of any case information stored on SkillTRAN servers by the customer.