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Support - PPS - Placement Planning Service

PPS - Placement Planning Service


The Placement Planning Service is SkillTRAN's most powerful all-purpose online service. It is designed for complete vocational planning and job placement solutions of all kinds of clients. It is the workhorse product most often used by vocational rehabilitation and disability management professionals. PPS can identify feasible occupations for an individual using residual post-injury capacities, transferable skills and past training and experience, preferences, and/or interests. PPS supplements this analysis with optional labor market information. PPS also has built-in support for storage of client data, job analyses, and live job orders.

Main Features:

  • Generates a Report Intended for Professional Use and Interpretation
  • Transferable Skills Analysis - PPS Main Menu # 1
  • Interest Searches (Using GOE codes or key words of interest)
  • Custom Searches (User selected categories to search)
  • Quick lookup of labor market information for one or a group of occupations (without doing a skills or interest search) - PPS Main Menu # 2
  • Employer Listings for job search or labor market survey (millions on file)
  • National and Local Wage Information (thousands of U.S. locations)
  • National and Statewide Growth Projections (all 50 states)
  • Private storage of information about clients, job analyses, and current job vacancies
  • Report Finder (temporary storage of recently run reports)
  • Report delivery by email

Basic Case Preparation Needed:

- State, City, or Zip Code

- County(ies), Zip(s), Radius around a Zip Code (e.g. client's residence)

Case Processing

When you run a case, do it with E-A-S-E --> Enter, Adjust, Search, Explore


In PPS, Main Menu # 1, PPS automatically records information into the report during entry of work history, adjustment of the worker profile, and searching (Enter, Adjust, Search). However, during the Explore phase of processing the case, you must choose what information you want to include in the report.

This means that you have to explicitly choose to:

Save the selected titles into the report (you might choose not to save them if there are too few selected using the profile or search strategy you used. Then you could search again with a less strict search or a different worker profile to obtain a greater number of occupational choices prior to saving them in the report.)

Save the basic report, then login to the Report Retrieval server after 5-10 minutes to get the report.  From there, you can also select specific occupations for which you want more detailed Labor Market Information (LMI).

Request any desired labor market information, such as wages, state statistics, and employer listings.

PPS enables you to customize the report to record the kind of information you need for your purposes. But you must select each type of LMI you want. LMI is added to the report only for the currently selected set of occupations. So if you put LMI into the report, then search again, you must also choose to add LMI for the newly selected set of occupations (if you want that information in the report for that group of occupations).

Be sure to select all of the information you will need during your online session. Once you choose to email the report, it is not possible to go back and add information to the report.

  • During the Explore phase of case processing, as you add each type of LMI into the report, put a checkmark or some other note to yourself on the printed case preparation guide to remind you of the LMI you have already added to the report. In case you are interrupted by a phone call, you will know "where you left off".
  • It is ideal if the counselor has Job Browser Pro, a PC-based software product from SkillTRAN to be able to quickly determine work history prior to running a case. It is also useful after an online SOS report is done so that additional information about the post-injury occupational options can be further researched.

Click here to see a sample PPS report

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