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Support - Career Consulting Service - CCS

CCS - Career Consulting Services


CCS identifies occupations a person can do using transferable skills and interests from past work experience and training. The report generated by CCS IS EASILY INTERPRETED BY THE CLIENT. The report encourages active, self-directed client decision making. CCS is designed for high volume processing of cases in outplacement, transition assistance, welfare return-to-work, military --> civilian transition, etc. If a client has a disabling condition, use PPS or OASYS instead for career planning purposes. The PPS report will require professional input and interpretation.


  • Generates a self-interpreting report intended for direct client interpretation and self-directed career planning
  • Appropriate for all types of non-disabled workers
  • Complete job descriptions for 12,741 occupations
  • National and local growth projections (all 50 states)
  • Wage information creates realistic understanding of the local labor market in any of thousands of locations
  • Encourages career decision making based on local realities

Basic Case Preparation Needed:

  • Print out the Case Preparation Guide. Record case information on the guide (use page 1 only)
  • Past Work History (if any) and Education / Training (past or intended)
  • The individual’s ability or willingness to supervise others
  • Geographic Area for Labor Market Information

- State, City, or Zip Code

- County(ies), Zip(s), Radius around a Zip Code (e.g. client's residence)

Case Processing

When you run a case, do it with E-A-S-E --> Enter, Adjust, Search, Explore



CCS automatically records information into the report during entry of work history and searching (Enter, Search). No profile adjustments are possible using the CCS product. During the Explore phase of processing the case, it is only necessary to enter the geographic area for desired LMI. The LMI is automatically recorded in the report in a special format useful for self-directed career exploration.

CCS is optimized for efficient case processing and report turnaround. CCS reports are generated in a matter of just a few minutes. Report formats are fixed, predictable, and tuned for client career exploration. It is ideal if the client has Job Browser Pro or OccuBrowse available on a local PC to be able to quickly explore the options suggested in the CCS report. Job Browser Pro can also do double duty to help clients look up their own work history.

Click here to see a sample CCS report

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