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Job Browser Pro

Indispensable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use DOT-based software, complete with Labor Market Information and special way to estimate employment numbers at the DOT level.


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Search all DOT-based worker characteristics to quickly get occupations within certain limits. Group Labor Market Information by OES Groups. Great companion to the Job Browser Pro.


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Best known for its transferable skills process, it is a powerful professional tool for intensive use of occupational data to deliver vocational rehabilitation services and to render/support expert opinions. Suitable for both long and short-term career planning.


NEW OccuBrowse Web - For PC, Mac, iOS, & Android!

That's right! Our popular OccuBrowse is now on the web and will work from any modern operating system or device, including MacBook, PC, iPad, tablet, or even your smartphone!

Vocational experts and claimant representatives find that their life gets so much easier to examine basic things like work history, physical demands of occupations, employment numbers, and case hypotheticals. If you have not been using any kind of software for these basic tasks, you won't believe how much time you are going to save! And now you can use it on any handy internet-connected device!!!

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Online Services

Online services since 1982! Pioneers in:

  • Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)
  • Pre-Injury/Post-Injury Analysis (PREPOST)
  • Career Consulting Service (CCS)
  • Labor Market Information (LMI)
  • Long-Term Occupational Growth Projections
  • Employer Listings for Job Search and Labor Market Survey
  • Real Job Openings


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